Government of Canada is giving away billions of dollars every year for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) to boost Research and Innovation in Canada. Did you also know:

A) You can develop your product through a Third Party Developer like us and still be eligible to claim SR & ED tax credit?

B) The Research location can be anywhere in Canada; your place, our place or at a third party location?

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Volunteers_65x86pixYour opportunity to contribute to the Engineering Profession and in US/Canadian Society through Co-op Program, Internship, Job Shadowing, Mentorship, New Immigrant Engineer and Foreign Professional Integration and  many other opportunities. Invaluable experience you get from these programs can launch your career in high gear. Contact us for more details.



Patent infringement law- suits can  cost your company more than the development life cycle cost of your product. 

A) Are you overlooking a patentable feature of your design?

B) Can your design make exhaustive number of claims?

C) But worst; is your design overlooking infringement of another technology or design?


For all work we do on your projects, we design it for patentability and maximise your SR & ED claims. All patent rights for all work we do on your projects are assigned to YOU.

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PEO_CofA_300x228pixWelcome to MechatroSoft. We are always looking for challenging projects. We want you to challenge us with your most difficult and complicated projects. Whether it is technically challenging or it is commercially challenging, we do not easily quit or compromise in meeting  those challenges. We have done numerous challenging projects in the past, and we are confident that we will be able to come up with the best acceptable solution for your projects as well. We keep a running tally of our top ten projects. Given below are our current top ten that has earned us recognitions and appreciations. Our knowledge and accomplishments can be assessed from the versatility of these projects. As prominent projects come up, and hopefully the next one is yours, we will list them in the top ten projects during the next revision of this list. Here is the current top ten list:

  1. Blood Analyser - Highly automated medical device for blood analysis
  2. Duct Flowmeter - Anemometric hand-held flow measurement device for the duct flow application (HVAC).
  3. Vent Flowmeter - Anemometric hand-held flow measurement device for ceiling vent application (HVAC).
  4. Pulmonary Function Tester - Smart breathing apparatus for measurement of lung contents and constituents.
  5. Copier / Printer - Large industrial integrated digital pressroom equipment for publication industry.
  6. Color Laser Printer - Technology Transfer project to take laboratory results to commercialisation.
  7. Drug Packaging Machine - Automated high-speed, pick-n-place caplet and solution packaging equipment.
  8. Material Handling - High Speed, high-capacity ore and mineral conveyor for extremely harsh environment.
  9. Fertility Monitor - Handheld personal medical device for disposable sample, ovulation monitoring.
  10. Cardiopulmonary Stress Tester - Smart technology device for monitoring heart conditions under stress.

As can be seen from above, we do work across industry sectors. Our strength is not only in our broad exposure in various industry sectors, but also to quickly assimilate and adapt to the requirements of your organisation to the regulations and necessities of these sectors. We follow rigorous Project Management Principles in carrying out all of our Projects. We follow this to keep our clients abreast of the progress, risks  and strategic directions of the Project.

With our ever increasing vigilance of the state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to advise our clients at all times about the patentability (or the lack of it due to existing patents) of various aspect of their projects. We also assign all Intellectual Property rights to our clients when we work on their projects even if the idea was originated by us while working on their specific projects. 

We are extremely cautious about the public safety aspects of the projects that we work on. Not only we do our engineering work proactively, on our clients behalf, to ensure that all compliance requirements are met, but most often we far exceed them.

We are an organisation that works with high ethics, as is required by the Certificate of Authorisation issued by the Professional Engineers Ontario.

If you have any question related to a project that you would like us to take up on your behalf, please Contact us without hesitation. We do not bill our prospective customers for initial project feasibility discussions.




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No matter what kind of product you develop and where you intend to sell them, you have to go through some kind of regulatory process before you can market your products. 

At least one or  more  of the marks below may be mandatory for your products.

This is a very small list. Depending up on what product you are developing, there are many more.


























Develop your products with our knowledge and experience of compliance at the outset to reduce the repeated rejection-and-modification cycle with the regulatory agencies.

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