Government of Canada is giving away billions of dollars every year for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) to boost Research and Innovation in Canada. Did you also know:

A) You can develop your product through a Third Party Developer like us and still be eligible to claim SR & ED tax credit?

B) The Research location can be anywhere in Canada; your place, our place or at a third party location?

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Volunteers_65x86pixYour opportunity to contribute to the Engineering Profession and in US/Canadian Society through Co-op Program, Internship, Job Shadowing, Mentorship, New Immigrant Engineer and Foreign Professional Integration and  many other opportunities. Invaluable experience you get from these programs can launch your career in high gear. Contact us for more details.



Patent infringement law- suits can  cost your company more than the development life cycle cost of your product. 

A) Are you overlooking a patentable feature of your design?

B) Can your design make exhaustive number of claims?

C) But worst; is your design overlooking infringement of another technology or design?


For all work we do on your projects, we design it for patentability and maximise your SR & ED claims. All patent rights for all work we do on your projects are assigned to YOU.

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medical1Welcome to MechatroSoft. We are a Product Engineering and Product Development Company serving North America since 1999. Unlike many Design Firms, what sets us apart is our ability to differentiate between Product Engineering and Product Design right at the outset. Most of the times this fundamental difference is a key factor for a product reaching its goals and becoming a ultimate success or failure. We cater to the entire Product Development and Product Engineering Life Cycle of a Product. However, we go much beyond just the Development and Engineering functions. To deliver a world class solution, we look at a product in its totality, from initial concept to its successor, emerging and futuristic products.

In the spirit of every good project management, we cater to our customer’s Cost, Scope and Schedule, combined with our Technical Expertise, Innovation, Knowledge Base, and Resourcefulness to our customers’ advantage. This is what has given us the edge to produce quality and world class products repeatedly for our customers realising the Customers’ Voice.

SECTORS WE SERVE:    Our core expertise span in the areas of: medical2

      • Automotive & Aerospace,
      • Industrial Equipment
      • Office Equipment
      • Nuclear Equipment
      • Analytical Equipment,
      • Consumer Appliances
      • Medical and Healthcare Equipment,
      • Green & Eco-friendly Technology,



  1. We are a Product Engineering and Development company specialising  mostly in the areas of Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation and other high-technology areas. However, we do numerous conventional Product Development and Engineering work also that are commercially extremely challenging. Range of Project types we take up, but not limited to, are the following:

  2. DisplayOnsite Development
  3. Offsite Development
  4. Joint and Co-Development
  5. Financed Product Development
  6. Patent Support Development
  7. Production Support Development
  8. Product Development Technical Support
  9. Focused Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR & ED, in Canada)


Types of services we provide are quite diverse depending on customer needs.  However, for the need and satisfaction of our customers, we have always gone much beyond the call of our duties andcasting farthest from our means and necessities to get the job done. We are always willing to do that for their success. After all we are successful today because of their success. The following is only a shortlist that somewhat describes the services we provide.

  1. Brainstorming germinating and new ideas with background research and experience.
  2. Development of preliminary sketches, drawings of Product Concepts.
  3. Sector specific Engineering / Design Strategy development following Good Manufacturing Practice.
  4. Development of Industrial Design Concepts for Product Look-and-Feel.
  5. Solid Modeling of Product Concepts from idea sketches.
  6. Alternate design/development choice investigations through market and patent research.
  7. Development of Prototypes (including Rapid Prototyping) from computer models.
  8. Iterative Optimization and Concurrent Development of Product/Sub-Product/Product-Model Concepts.
  9. Design of Experiments (DOE), Critical Parameter Design, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  10. Finite Element Modeling and Analysis, Tolerance Analysis etc. for Design Validation
  11. Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/DFA) Investigations
  12. BOM Analysis and Sourcing Optimisation (with Supply Chain Management)
  13. Functional and Compliance Testing of Prototypes and Preproduction Concepts
  14. Compliance Testing of Prototypes and Preproduction Concepts
  15. Product Line (model variations) creation from Product Concepts and Functions.
  16. Design and Development of Preproduction and Production Jigs, Fixtures and Toolings.
  17. Design and Development of Tool, Die and Mold for Plastic and Sheet Metal related partsFEM
  18. Development of Complete Production Drawings with Assembly Instructions and Manuals
  19. Creation of Product User and Technical Manuals for customers and field users.
  20. In-house prototyping and manufacturing (machining, sheet metal, electroplating etc.)

At MechatroSoft our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional and technical expertise of highest caliber. We apply rigourous and diligent Project Management Principles for executing all our projects, big or small. If you have any question or like to speak with a representative, please Contact us as soon as possible.

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No matter what kind of product you develop and where you intend to sell them, you have to go through some kind of regulatory process before you can market your products. 

At least one or  more  of the marks below may be mandatory for your products.

This is a very small list. Depending up on what product you are developing, there are many more.


























Develop your products with our knowledge and experience of compliance at the outset to reduce the repeated rejection-and-modification cycle with the regulatory agencies.

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